Pixel Crayons BD is a leading technology services company delivering Information Technology solutions. Pixel Crayons BD delivers a broad portfolio of IT services and solutions to clients in the banking, insurance, financial services, production, and distribution industries and to government and non-government organizations. Our portfolio is built around original offerings in custom application software development services; Web based application services and hardware product delivery services. Pixel Crayons BD provide cost-competitive services and solutions to maximize return on IT investments. Our domain knowledge, industry experience and IT project implementation capacity and capability enable us to address our clients’ requirements exclusively.

Vision: To be globally recognised for our quality and providing e-Business solutions to our customers worldwide.

Mission: To be a preferred, globally recognised and profitable eBusiness solutions company while adhering to our core values.

Our Core Values Are

  • Authenticity
    Be sincere, honest and open in dealings to ensure trustworthiness. Never lie – fulfill commitments.
  • Offering exceptional value
    Understand and exceed customer’s expectations, all the time.
  • Respect
    Treat others as you would like yourself be treated.
  • Quest for perfection
    Improve and innovate continuously. Pursue excellence in everything that you do.
  • Leadership
    Set trends for your peers and the industry in general to follow.